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shifting problem please help!!!

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hey guys i just got a 2001 jetta turbo i go and pick up my friend and were driving the speed limit and i throw it in second from first and it doesnt go in second in goes back in neutral!?!WTF i just got this car 10 minutes ago!!!so i pull over and try to put it in second again and it wont go in, its stuck in third but in neutral postion? im extremely pissed off some1 tell me whats goin on.. [wtf]
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One thing you will learn about any online community, is that sometimes you will have to wait more than one day for a comment (VWVortex included). When that first comment comes, it won't always be a solution (see above post for an example). You have to understand that most communities (especially ones that are small like this one), function as show-off and troubleshooting. Unless someone has something new on their car or a problem, they are unlikely to frequently visit (with some exceptions). Also, most people will not answer your post unless they have a solution for you, or have had a similar issue and are looking for an answer as well.

Now to your tranny problem...

Where did you purchase the car from? If a dealer... TAKE IT BACK TO THEM and have them fix it. If not, you might be S.O.L. depending on the laws in your state. Without more info, it's hard (at least for me) to tell you exactly what is wrong with the tranny. You will most likely need to take it in to a shop. If you have expereince working with VW transmissions, it might not be a problem. If you have no experience with them, nothing we will be able to tell you will be "easy". Let us know what you find out... It might help someone else.
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