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shifting problem please help!!!

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hey guys i just got a 2001 jetta turbo i go and pick up my friend and were driving the speed limit and i throw it in second from first and it doesnt go in second in goes back in neutral!?!WTF i just got this car 10 minutes ago!!!so i pull over and try to put it in second again and it wont go in, its stuck in third but in neutral postion? im extremely pissed off some1 tell me whats goin on.. [wtf]
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ive found good help here. first of all give people a chance world doesnt revolve around you and your prob though people are more than happy to help. also this forum is a smaller one but its a good place to find good people willing to help. it may just take a lil longer go to vwvortec its full of jerks who will help but arent nice about it haha but yeah who knows maybe you will find you fit in better there..... especially if you are going to insult the very people you are asking for help just my .02 maybe where it doesnt belong but its out there now
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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