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So I have a 2006 Jetta that's being weird. It was fine within the first hour of driving, but then it started shifting really weird. I was driving at like 60 mph and trying to accelerate and it slowed down to like 30 mph while I was still giving it gas. Then suddenly it shot up in speed really aggressively. I let off the gas and got to about a normal speed and it slowed down suddenly again. It felt like more suddenly then if I'd just stopped giving it gas, but I'm not sure. So I gave to more gas, and the same thing happened. It continued to slow down until it shot up aggressively. This happened quite a few times and more aggressively each time. I thought turning the car off and back on would help. So I pulled over, turned it off, let it sit for like 10 minutes, and turned it back on. As I was accelerating away from where I parked it died. The battery light came on and I lost power steering and brakes. I wanted it off the side of the highway so I let it sit for a half hour, turned it back on and drove one mile to a gas station. The gas station had a red light in front of it and while sitting at the red light it died again. I turned it back on when the light turned green and got it in a parking spot. My husband picked me up and we left it there for three days. Then we drove it home going super slow and gently the whole time and it got back without any issues. The coolant and oils were fine. It put in a new crank shaft like 3 years ago. It's got about 150,000 miles on it. Any ideas??
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