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So how much can you get on a tank?

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I've been toying with hypermiling since a lot of my driving is city or rural, not highway. Best I've stretched a tankful so far in my '04 Jetta, 2.0 is 376.5. How about you?

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Pretty good. I was considering a computer chip, pcm thing.
Pretty neat, huh? And the guy had gotten an extended warranty with it so I feel pretty lucky. Just hope everything stays as nice as it's been. One guy yesterday told me his '03 passat fell to pieces at 50k, gas tank cracked, etc... He had to sink like 5k into it.

When I researched the Jetta most of the reviews were either, "love it, never go back," or, "VW sucks, this this and this happened..." Hope to end up the former. Anyway, won't take me long to rack up the miles on it. I've only had it since Dec and I put plenty of miles on my cars.
1 - 3 of 116 Posts
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