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So how much can you get on a tank?

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I've been toying with hypermiling since a lot of my driving is city or rural, not highway. Best I've stretched a tankful so far in my '04 Jetta, 2.0 is 376.5. How about you?

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Yea I have an 04 2.0 I also drive more city/town but i get about 140-180 on a 1/2 tank i am heavy on the gas sometimes when I have to respond to calls so im sure that doesnt help my gas milage. but next tank im not gonna drive fast or anything. I am also useing rgular oil so in about 500 miles when i do my oil change im gonna go 1/2 synthic then drive for like 1k miles then chang over to full and see if that helps at all.
Yea u put it in ur gas tank what could you do worng haha.
Yea I just filled up my tank of gas and still seem like im losing MPG im wondering if I need to change the fuel fiilter. I mean im gonna see what happens after i fill up again im gonna change my driving habbit to see if that is the reason. But idk what else it could be im just gonna keep track of how i drive. Do you think i should run it thru one more time in the gas to try to break up any guk that might of got on my o2 sensors or maybe any gunk that may be clogging up a line or something. I mean I just changed my plugs and wires so its not them.
Do you think going from regular oil to full synthic will give u a little better gas mileage? Also whats the chip sopose to do for gas?
Well I have 85K miles on my car never used full synthic but I'm sure I have a lot of sludge built up in there so I was gonna run 1/2 synthic aka 1/2 blend to clean out some sludge b4 I go to full blend.

I just filled up my tank and got 103.5 miles on 4.831 gallons that comes out to 21.424 MPG no high way millage at all. But i do beat up on the gas when I have to respond to a fire or ems call. So this time I'm gonna drive normal for 103.5 miles then fill up again and see what I get.
1 - 5 of 116 Posts
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