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So how much can you get on a tank?

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I've been toying with hypermiling since a lot of my driving is city or rural, not highway. Best I've stretched a tankful so far in my '04 Jetta, 2.0 is 376.5. How about you?

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Just filled up today and I got 303.4 mi on 11.516gals. That gave me a little better than 26 mpg which is up from just under 24 the last tank full. I eased up on the throttle a little this time too and had more highway this time. This with a bad cat waiting for the dealer to replace.
i can get about 350 miles on a full tank of 93 octane and im not chipped yet. just gotta keep it outta boost alot, which is hard to do with a stock turbo lol. i only have 39K miles on my 02' :).
I probly coulda squeezed 350 out of it today since I had 3 more gallons to go, but I was going by a BJs and wanted the cheaper gas so I stopped in. $2.79
thats some pretty good mpg lol send me some of that magic lucky to get 300

o man ..your gonna leave there time go to happy car place on boston ave
Oh GAWD no! Limited Auto @ Pixli & Grand(?) or is it Barnum Ave. They are "The Dealer" and paying for the cat job so Lil Red will pass emissions. I used my Russian connections to catch a break.

You caught a glimpse of me yet? Won't be long and I'll have a JJ sticker to help with the ID.
sorry- forgive me- I have to be honest- I have no idea why you would get dramatically better gas mileage in the summer vs. winter.
Extra warm up (IDLING) time in the Winter? Just a WAG. [teacher] ave..down the hill from bpt to bishop corner(bar/strippers)..nay havent seen you around..few other jettas flying up and down the street though...(is limited auto near hess and that new gas station?or is that a different place im thinking of..overpriced cars)
Limited is near Frankie's (?) Diner and the BankNorth branch, where Grant and Pixli Pl meet at the light on Barnum. They carry mostly Euro brands. The Hess station is down where Barnum and Boston fork, right? Wish I went that way more often, the Irving is always cheap there.

As soon as Ken gets the orders sent out you'll have a little more help with the ID.
I'm into the 4th tank since I bought the Lil Red Sled and I'm averaging 25 mpg with combo driving on 89 oct.

Can't wait for Friday. The new Cat gets installed. Hope to gain a few more MPGs. I get into the gas a little and LOVE it, but mostly I baby her.
phew i thought he meant 700 thousand lol... i was like damn, gas companies would have you assassinated if you had that kinda technology

Glad I didn't have a slurp of coffee in when I read that dude. I would have sprayed it all over the keyboard.
375.4 mi on 12.337 gals 30.4 mpg! [woo]

All highway of course, but I like that I topped 30 for the first time ever.
so shes runnin good!O0
No complaints there Shelby.

Wanna get some shocks n struts pretty soon, but the motor's pulling strong.
rough ride or some thing? my old neon had blown struts, would rebound off speed bumps 5 or six times, also had water in there in winter that would freeze...similar ride to a skate board lol

still haven used a full tank in seattle but its costly here...stretchin it
Yeah, OT, but the shocks are bangin pretty hard when I hit even a medium bump or manhole or expansion crack, etc.
After changing from the SRI to the stock air box and doing the swiss cheese mod, I'm getting like 250 miles per tank on strictly in-city stop and go driving. Its like a 10-11 mpg increase LOL
Your wallet must be heavier now! That's a couple more Italian combos a week, right?
Haven't filled up yet, but I put 372 miles in on my drive to Maine to visit the folks. Still have better than 1/4 tank and used the AC the whole way.
383 miles, 33.24 MPG with the AC on all the way!
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