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some questions please help???????

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I have a 01 jetta 2.0 stick shift. My questions are..

1.. EPC light is on what does this mean and how do i get rid of it....

2.... When i turn the car on i hear a screching sound like a belt or something what could this be..

3... I took my car in for a D.E.Q. test which is a smog test and the explained to me everything passed except for my computer would not reset how can i recet the computer?

any answers would be greatly appreciated thaks...........................
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When you took it in, did they actually check the computer codes for the light?
they hooked up a cable to the car waited 5 minutes should me a print out and said that it wont reset
Hooked it up, waited 5 minutes, and jus showed you a print out. Boy that sounds informing. As for the EPC light dont worry about that, its the Electronic Power Control. Jus a way for the car to control power like if your car is off and your listening to music it will use the EPC. Good luck with your ECM.
for the screaching sound... mine did the same exact thing, i have a 1999.5 2.0. its the starter. your going to have to get it replaced
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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