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I started her up the other day and a loud tick, snap, repetative was coming from up front the noise doesn't accelarate w/ the gas pedal, I then noticed that the idiots before me must have used
10 tubes of JB WELD on the coilpack!!
I purchased a new coilpack and coils with wires they'll be here soon,
Anyone have a writeup or link to a DIY video?
Also what are the BEST Plugs to get ?? N E body know what to Gap the plugs at?

2001 Jetta GLX VR6 2.8L 12v AFP 144k
Check Engine Light ON
Codes =
--- Before the fuel pump and filter( not sure now )
Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Oil, Filter,

This would be causing alot of these codes right??
Im thinkin about getting a purge valve and HO2 sensor

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jb weld is a cheap quik fix for the coils but eventuly it wont always fix it, spark plugs i went with ngk iridiums theres a big debate as wich is the best andd gaping them im prety sure the specs are in the bently manual

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Check out
That's where I got it from. Lifetime warranty and free shipping only took one business day!
And JB Weld is a temporary fix, and not always a complete fix. You can still experience misfires and arcing with that cheap fix.
nice find!
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