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Splash Guards

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I have an 08 Jetta SE. I would like to order the splash guards and install them myself on the front and back. On the VW website, it says the mounting hardware is included. Has anyone ever installed these yourself? Is it difficult for someone who is not used to doing many modifications (such as me)? What tools will I need? Lastly, would you recommend the dealer to do the installation? I would prefer to avoid the labor cost. But, I want the installation done correctly too.

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Well, splash guards should be ridiculousy easy to install... should be like only a few minutes each... all you should need is a screwdriver, or whatever you need to screw or bolt in the bolts or screws that fasten them onto the car. Maybe a drill if they didnt pre-drill the holes...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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