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Starter Removal

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Can anyone tell me what tool and size i need to remove the starter from my 85?
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Starting the project tonight. What route did you take, since you have the experience. How much did you have to take apart
look at the post date
Hey. Me replying to this thread, stopped me from having to start a repeat. By replying to this post, It has been bumped. Furthermore, I need not to rely on "tomjones" or "BiggB420" to reply to my question, because it will now get attention from other users. Which is exactly how you and I got to posting 3 times on 1 thread dated back to 2009.

So I ask Skimmer0220 (beautiful car btw).

Have you any quick tips or heads ups(s) for me, as I am going to be starting the project of removing my starter tonight. I would really appreciate it.
thanks, but it's no biggie to make a new thread, starters are pretty strait forward 3 bolts a couple of electrical connections and your out
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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