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Hello people!!
Newbie on the forums...

Is there any specific way to make sure that my starter and solenoid are dead before I go through all the removal process?

I read somewhere in these forums that these cars have also a clutch switch. If so, where is it located?

I have checked fuses, relays, battery, ignition switch, etc...they seem OK according to my tester, but the car won't start.

Any suggestions on how to proof-check the starter??

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I tried, but maybe I did not do it right...the solenoid has the positive terminal on a bolt from the battery, but the negative is a connector to the harness...should I jump these or anything else?
The car was working perfectly before it died. I thought it was something related to the ignition switch. I was able to remove the connector from the ignition switch at the steering wheel and I jumped the main pin with the one that goes to the starter. The car started immediately so I just replaced the switch. It was not difficult.

Thanks for your help!!!
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