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Hello people!!
Newbie on the forums...

Is there any specific way to make sure that my starter and solenoid are dead before I go through all the removal process?

I read somewhere in these forums that these cars have also a clutch switch. If so, where is it located?

I have checked fuses, relays, battery, ignition switch, etc...they seem OK according to my tester, but the car won't start.

Any suggestions on how to proof-check the starter??

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well you can always jump power straight to the starter.. thats how I check them..

However MAKE SURE that the car is in neutral (or park for autos) and the e-brake is set. Dont go getting yourself run over by your own car.

You will want to jump power to the solenoid. I'm not sure if Jetta's have some odd starter .. I've never actually looked at mine. I will take a look when I get home tonight and get back to you with a better answer (I hope)

To be honest, after looking at mine, I dont think you can jump these the old fashion way.. your best bet from here would be to pull the starter and test it with a battery.. or have a shop test it.. atleast they are easy to get to..

I'll check a couple other sources and see what they come up with though.


Glad you got it figured out.

If you have time, maybe do a little detailed write up on what you did and post it.

1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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