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Stealth License Plate Idea

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So I was thinking the other day about a way to do something with the license plate................

You know how people have those smoked covers for the license plates??

What if you used NightShades on a Clear one, and coated it enough to be a black black color, not smoked.

Well you wouldn't see your license plate..

But from there you some how lighted the inside of it enough to illuminate the license plate to see it at night with no problem, and have the lights stay on when the car is running to make it lit up during the day. But when the lights/truck is not on, the license plate cover is pitch black...

Any body think we could make it work?

I know you would probably have to extend the licenseplate cover out to make lights fit in there, and it would have to illuminate good. I have some led's on my motorcycle since I have a relocated plate on it that stick directly on the plate, and shines on it and is only like a 1/4" tall, so those may work and be low profile enough..

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superfluxes from would work nicely
Just make a switch for the license plate light and leave it on........
brightness was the question :p
thought about it and if its not lit and its parked on a street and cops cant see the plates u can get a ticket.
That completely slipped my mind:eek:
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