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Sunroof hell 2000 jetta

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I have a 2000 Jetta with a power sunroof.
The sliding sunshade does not retract by hand and seems to bind up when the sunroof is opened.
Stupidly, I have been trying to remove the shade with delicate force, and have managed to completely destroy the two foreward guides.
Now, I am trying to disconnect the aft part of the shade from the mechanism and pull the thing out.
My thinking is that If nothing is connected, I can slide it open and closed by hand.
How the heck can I access the rear part of the shade to disconnect it?
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  1. Glass panel for sunroof
  2. Panel seal
  3. Trim frame
  4. Headliner To 08.94
  5. Headliner From 09.94
  6. Carrier unit
  7. Hex key for emergency operation
  8. Wind deflector
  9. Threaded fitting
  10. Screw
  11. Countersunk self-locking screws
  12. Cable drive (electric)
  13. Locating hooks
  14. Locating hook spring
  15. Torx® screw
  16. Adjusting plate
  17. Water drain hose
Prob. have to remove the headliner to fully get to everything....
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