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surging under load issue

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Id like to start by apologizing if there is already an answer to this issue. Ive searched and searched to no avail.

So the other day my car started to act up. If I didnt have a heavy foot I probably would never even know that the issue existed.
If i step on the gas to pas someone or to get on the highway the car suddenly spikes to 21 psi ish then jerks like crazy and usually ends with a good loud pop. At first I thought it was fuel so I changed the fuel filter, had never need changed in 120,000 miles, and went ahead and seafoamed the moter. Ive seafomed alot of motors before but that thing had some smoke in it lol. Spark plugs are maybe 6 months old.
I was thinking maybe it could be the coil packs? But i hate to buy new ones if there not the issue.
Could anyone please give me an idea as to what to do or how to bech tect the coils so i can rule them out before I give the evil VW dealership in my area my money?
last time i brought it to them they spent two days to diagnose my fuel leak as non existant even after i showed them where it was coming from even put my hand in the fuel so they could smell it.

oh yeah 04 1.8t
turbo back exhaust
apr diverter yellow spring two shims i believe if not then its the next color up no shims
apr stage 2 tune
under hood fuel pressure guage, kinda pointless to be under the hood i can only tell pressure at idle.
I have a n75 race valve but it isnt on right now running stock
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That's what i was thinking it was. just hate to drop the cash if it wasn't
I just got off the phone with VW they said that the coil packs were replaced March 2011. Could they have gone out that soon?
So i tried to change my turbo hoses to see if maybe it was a boost leek. I believe I had a small one because the car seems to be a bit more responsive but i Still have the backfire "pop" sound and the surging. I just ordered new coil packs today. Hopefully that will fix it. I need my ride in tip top shape because I will be driving to northern Texas at the end of the month for the military and will be staying there for 3 months I cant afford to have it break down while I'm gone.
my car did the same thing, unfortunately it was my fuel pump going out. and just all of a sudden one day it wouldnt start. replaced the pump and boom started right up and rand perfect. that might be your issue. and its a very simple fix to do yourself.
Yup that happend to me yesterday on the side of the interstate. Managed to get to a gas station. Had to change it this morning. Only place that had the pump was the full assemble for 345 dollars. They raped me hard but unfortunately had to do it. Car is now all tippy top condition. Never has run this good since I got it.
I had that same issue that you are describing ,,,change your coil packs and spark plugs and that will take care of it,,make sure to put colder plugs in it,,you can order a set of 4 off ebay for $8 but coil packs are little more pricey ,,don't get those cheap ones from advanced auto,,that **** made in china is just cheap,,get oem or bosh, good luck!
did your fuel pump sound funny before it went out?
Could be your coils...does it ever idle really rough? If so, when it's idling rough take each coil off...if it runs even rougher, its not that coil, move to the next. Once you unlug a coil and its not running any worse...thats your bad coil.

I would also check for any leaks around your intake. Any little leak that isnt accomodated for with fuel due to slipping in after the MAF will not be adjusted for with fuel, therefore will run lean. You might get a code for running lean...that should be your problem. Check your MAF as well...I had a wasp fly into mine some how...$250 later, I'm good to go.
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