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SVO and mineral spirits.

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i watched the top gear vid and did some research about using svo and mineral spirits, letting it stand then dumping it in your tank. is this a hoax? meant to lure dumb people like me into wrecking my injector pump? might give it a try if it works..
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If you are going to use SVO or WVO they have rigs you can buy to preheat the oil to temperature so it it is not so thick and won't ruin your injectors. Seeing that Rudolph Diesel designed the engine to run off of peanut oil, using "green" alternatives as long as you start with help from someone who has been doing this for a while should be OK.
I burn filtered WMO in my '95 cummins and now in this '90 1.6 diesel.
so whats the skinny on this, how does one get started?
I have access to a 60 series filter set up from a wreck, I can get WVO from a local restaurant, I just need to get the pump and other filters. [woo] Did I mention I'm part Scottish???
My source uses vegie oil, not blocks of lard. Us Canadians don't cook our food in the "hi test" much anymore, too many granola heads would ***** about the "saturated fat" lol.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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