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Went to the dealer today and see what I would have to do for a buy back.

They only have a 2015 Jetta 1.8TSI Sport, which still doesn't do it for me with the slushbox
transmission. 170HP, and 184lb-ft torque, but without a DSG, it doesn't get to the ground.
Does not accelerate like my TDI does.

So, anyhow, this is how it works:

You take yours in, RUNNING, and they put you in another car, while yours sits there
as they wait for the buy back. This way, you're not driving your buy-back for it to fail
on you, or to rack up more miles.

I could have gotten into that 2015 Jetta TSI TODAY, but just was not satisfied with the
performance. Even with over $100.00 less a month payment, I just could not make
the move into the gasser.... Plus, I have so much stuff to take off and out of the TDI.

If it had a DSG, well, I would probably have taken that 2015 Jetta TSI Sport.

2015 TDIs are being fixed, and they have brand new 2015 TDIs on the lot, but they still
can't sell them, they may be able to lease them for a year, but no one wants that.
Why the year? They have to be driven for a year before they can fix them. They can't
sell them, in case they're not brought back in a year for the fix, and as I said, no one
wants to lease one for a year. This is also in case it can't be fixed for whatever reason.
That fix also includes removal an replacement of the DPF, but they need a year on it.

SO, do I dump $1800 into my TDI just have it for a year, or do I get another car...
This is the decision I have to make now, save $110 a month, saving me $1320 within
the same time span? It's looking like a replacement is on the horizon..

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I asked about some stuff, like, can I put steel rims on with tires in place of the ones on it.
When I replace the aluminum belly pan I installed, do I need to put the OE one on, or just have it?
I removed the rear seats, do I have to install them or just have them in the car?
I have LEDs and HID lighting, not sure I have all the incandescent bulbs.

Other things like that, since I put stuff into mine.

They said:
I can replace the OE wheels with steel ones, which I have, no problem there.

I can remove my aluminum belly pan, and not even bother to put the factory one back on.
They do not put the car on a rack to inspect it, they do a walk around, and make sure it runs.

He will get back to me on the other items.

They rejected a car that came in where someone scratched obscenities in to the radio screen.

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I can remove the LEDs and all other bulbs, just not the housings!

I do not have to bolt the rear seats in, just put them in the car.

I put a $100.00 deposit on the 2015 TSI so they hold it till Thursday.

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dang sounds like your dealership is much stricter then ours, as long as the car drives from the front of the building to the rear we will take it, we really couldn't care less the condition of it, we've had them toed in hours before the appointment to be "fixed" to run and nothing more

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Went in today for the buyback:
You can remove the radio, as long as a working radio is in it's place. Can be aftermarket,
as long as it works, or your buddy want's to swap radios (the PIN will be needed in their

You can remove the speakers, as long as you replace them with some working ones.
They may not notice the Subwoofer gone, I took mine out. They don't go through
the vehicle, just look around it, peer inside, and take some pictures.

If your buddy has a cloth interior, and wants your leather, you can swap interiors,
as long as there IS an interior in there!

Since I am still technically the owner, my son has the 2013 "S", and I will go up there
and see if they will let me swap radios and interiors. I spoke directly to a buyback
representative, she said it would be okay, and that I could still do it. Speakers too.

I am in the TSI:
The buyback; Technically, I still own the car until the buyback process is done.
I just made a payment on the thing, and, of course, won't get a pro-rated return
on it. I told them I just made the payment... They tell me about, IF there are
any future payments, that I should get that back. I asked, what do you mean
FUTURE payments? It is just in case the buyback is not finalized before my next
payment is due. I said, WAIT A MINUTE, I can't afford two F'ing car payments!
No, that's not going to work, and my wife will have a FIT! So, they arranged it so
my first payment won't be due for 60 days.

Still, I have to hope this gets done before my next payment is due, which is
March 24th. I would pay the TDI, which is $100.00 higher, and I ain't even
driving it! SO, basically, paying the higher payment to be in THIS new TSI...

I had a bad feeling when I got up today... I should have heeded that feeling and
called it off, but, I had already removed EVERYTHING from the TDI. I am not all
that happy about the possibility of having to pay on two cars if this doesn't get
done in time.

Since I opted for the FIX, they said I have to call VWGoA and have my claims account
reset to step 8. I did that, and it has not been done yet, it's still at 16 of 17. This
16/17 was eve after I just got a FINAL OFFER page, that had FIX or BUYBACK, which I
signed, dated, and sent back. I don't see why I would have to go back to step 8 if this
is the first paper I got to confirm my choice.

So, be aware of this, when they tell you they will keep your vehicle there,
and get you in another one. You can end up making payments on two
freeking cars, and on ONE you won't even be driving.

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Sounds like the same story as my coworker, they set his buyback at November 1st and was still paying on the vehicle until the second week in February, he wasn't allowed to drive the vehicle since he had a mileage restriction and had to buy a second car and pay on that as well

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Got my $350.00 check from Bosch today.

Conclusion of BuyBack:

Went to the dealer Tuesday the 7th to have them notarize the buy-back
papers. Uploaded them to the VWGoA site at about 2:30PM the 7th.
They notarized it for free, and why not.

I did not have to go back to Step 8, I uploaded one page, and they needed
ALL of it, so it was still at 16 of 17 when I sent this stuff over.

I spoke, at length with the woman buy-back rep, and she'd almost let
me take whatever I wanted out of that car, as long as it was replaced
with SOMETHING. I took it back, basically, with no light bulbs at all..
She said, as long as the car is there, still in my name, IF I really wanted
to, can pull my TSI up, and swap the speakers... She was pretty nice
about it.

The dealers act like they get nothing from this deal... Dealers are
being compensated too, and they try to make you think they're losing.

WE are the ones who lose. Since mine is not worth what is owed, I won't
see any compensation, just get the loan paid off.

Oh, and I had to go get some more stuff off mine, so they told me where their
holding area was. The front right tire on mine was flat, wonder if they did that
in case I had the other key... What a shame man, all those perfectly good cars, sitting
threre waiting to be shipped to the AmPorts across the country, and there they
await their fate in March of 2018. The AmPort in south Balitmore has thousands
of them, and there is a place in Ohio, a field that is filling up with them.

And, the bully the US government also says:
Settling Defendants may not export or arrange for the export of 2.0 Liter
Subject Vehicles, unless such vehicle has been modified in accordance
with the applicable Approved Emissions Modification. There will be NO
modifications to the 2009-2014s. I hope that 1.4 Cruze Diesel makes
it to dealer lots...


Update, from the 17th of March:

13 days had gone by, and the final offer paperwork was not processed. So, I called, and I was told
I needed reset back to STEP 8. I said, that was supposed to have been done TWO WEEKS ago! So,
I lost all my progress, and had to make a payment on a car I don't even have! The TDI is sitting
on one of their storage lots, now with a flat front right tire. I told them I am coming to take it
back, since I had to make another payment. They were not happy... They said to come in, and
see what they can do...

I was also told they would push my payment back an extra month on the TSI, and now that is
due April 16th? They call that pushed BACK an extra month? So, this thing where they put
you in a car so as yours doesn't accrue any more miles and wear, is total crap! Now I have
two car payments til this is done, and ONE I don't even have!! Nice little scam they got going


I got this email from VWGoA, but it appears to be in regards to my March 7th offer
submission, before the rest to step 8.

Thank you for submitting your offer letter. You indicated that you would like to change your preliminary
remedy selection from an approved emissions modification to a Buyback / Early Lease Termination for your
claim with reference number xxxx78272, for VIN 3VWLL7AJ9DM365376. As indicated in the offer letter, there
may be additional documents required to confirm your eligibility for a Buyback or Early Lease Termination.
Please log on to the Online Claims Portal by clicking here. Your status in the process has been adjusted and
you may now adjust your previous option election and provide the requested documents or information.

I logged in, and it's still at step 14, when this was submitted, and was at Step 16. Nothing has changed
at the claims site, though it is indicated here.

AND, I had to make another payment on the TDI, and I am not even using it...

If you have any questions, please contact the Settlement Support Team at 1-844-98-CLAIM

I did get my buyback appointment the day after I submitted the final offer letter.
The letter was sent Saturday, and I actually got to set the appointment the very
next day, Sunday, then 9th. It's for Monday the 24th.

Sorry for the late update.

Here was the original final offer:

This, because I had 243,500+ miles on it. Funny though, the current BBB and Edmonds gave me a higher
value. They said I could dispute it, but then I would have had to start over. WE were suppsoed to get 2015
values, minus mileage, and that is NOT what I got based on what KBB said it was worth with the same miles.

Buyback is done... 243297 miles... Since the car has been there for a month
or so, the process took less than 5 minutes. The rest of the time was talking, and
me asking why the value is low, compared to what today's market values
are, and why the restitution went back down to 5100, bla bla bla, see ya...


Yeah, I put the wrong miles in the 2nd time around, it a 1 instead of 2, so
I did not get a $4000 check, and the restitution went back down to $5100,
so mileage also effects restitution.

They are supposed to be using 2015 Values, minus miles. I went to KBB and
Edmunds, and they were both over the return amount I got of $8275! KBB
and Edmunds puts them at $8600+ for TODAY"s market values, yet I got a
lower amount that's supposed to be based on 2015 market values.

They said I can dispute the amounts, but would have to cancel the appointment
and start over. Well, the payment was due today, so I wasn't doing that, even
though I would have gotten it back, I wasn't starting all over again.

If I were not so honest, I would have rolled back the ODO, I have the tool for
a one time odometer correction. I should have done it...

There is no way that value is correct if today's values are higher, unless it's
being based on them being hard to find now... I doubt it...

All in all, was not a great experience. The dealer was not forthcoming with how
this was going to work when they offered me another vehicle, while mine sits
there. Plus the value being lower than what current market values are saying.

I was told the Bosch settlement comes as a separate check, from Bosch. So,
that higher restitution amount did not include that, it has to be another mileage
based calculation for it to be 271.73 lower now.

I should have just taken the chance and kept it...

They got the payment before I had to make another one.
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