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The "secure" tire bolt option - did you install?

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My 2013 JSW TDI came with 4 "secure" bolts - lug nuts - (one for each tire) and the proper "head" to use to install - and of course what will be needed if I need to replace/repair any of them.. Did any of you take this step?

Is it more of a hassle than it's worth? Do you carry the "key" tool (needed if you get a flat) in the car (kind of defeating the purpose, right??)... Do most mechanics have what is needed, or do I need to remember to provide it to them if I let them service it??
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You keep it in the car yea. You can give it to the mechanic for tire rotation. Anybody can take off your wheel locks with an extractor. I just did it. If your scared somebody going to take your wheels because they going to break into your car for the lock. Then carry it with you in your purse or man phany pack. Honestly its just there to give you a small piece of mind in a shitty neighborhood. BTW the car alarm should go off when somebody breaks into your car. Also there should be a card somewhere in your car that contains the key code for your lock in case you lose it.

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It's just a wheel kick to keep your wheels safe, I have wheel locks on mine

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