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Thermostat help and dash removal

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Yeh, I know. They aren't a pair of jobs unless fixing the thermostat doesn't help and you have to jump into the blend doors and heater core.

Anyway, I am working on my son-in-law's 1998 TDI Jetta due to no heat. I pulled the t'stat and replaced it. I also performed a full system flush. Putting the t'stat back in was a PITA and shortly after startup, the housing started leaking. How the heck does one reinstall the t'stat without it leaking? Between the bolting ear on the block and having to keep the O ring and t'stat centered, it seems impossible.

Does one have to pull the dash to get into the blend doors? I found a brief article on the Internet that appears to be from the Bently manual. It seems to say that one can drop the entire heater assembly down from under the dash to do repairs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
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