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Thinking about purchasing a 2001 1.8t Jetta

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So I have come across a 2001 Jetta 1.8T with 82k miles on it and went and checked it out today, and was really impressed with it. So I been searching around and found a few forums and wow, I am really scared to buy the car. Everyone is having crazy problems with their cars and the damages done is massive. Peoples windows are falling through the doors, peoples throttle bodies are shorting out, are these cars really that crappy? Here is a link to the car, I test drove it today, the check engine light was on and told them they need to run the codes and fix the problem. I couldn't get them to go any lower on the price, even offered cash, $6700 is as low as they will go. But after reading a bunch of forums, this car sounds like a pile of junk, heres a link:

So, what would you all, people who have owned and experienced this car, suggest to do? I really liked the car, but being in college, I can't afford a huge money pit right now.
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dont be afraid to buy one, they are pretty reliable. When you look at forums, of course you will see a lot of cars with problems, because part of the forum is to help people when they do have problems that they themselves cannot figure out. Hell go check the honda forums and you will see the same thing, and everyone knows hondas reliability
only the early 1.8t's were 150. Most are 180.
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