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This is My JETTA in TAIWAN~

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18inch BBS RS II with 225/40/18

360mm front disc

Sparco Racing Seat
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love the clean white color..... i am painting my jetta white on white......... nice pics, but wheres the fatty exhaust???? lol, nice ride!

you don't drive around with that socket in do you? Ha Ha just kidding. Nice car man.
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I think no need to drive around with that socket

bcuz he can drive his jetta by two wheel of right side

I'm kidding also la, ha ha :D
we call him 45boss in TW, bcuz his jetta runed in 4500rpm often, also on the mountain road.

he's very expert to refit the chassis , we ask him often about refit for suspension,rim,tire,etc.......
I don't know the cars or jetta very much......So I alays drive around with that socket~~

I can drive my jetta by two wheel of right side, Because I forgot to put another two tires on my jetta~haha~
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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