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This thread screams my car!

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Ok so all my mods right now are cosmetic, unless I get points for wider rims and sport tires and I guess the springs count.

Cosmetic Mods:
Red Leather MOMO shift knob
Red Leather MOMO shift boot
Red MOMO Pedals
17x8 MOMO GTR Rims
Sumitomo Tires
Clear Bumper Lights
2004 Tail lights
Chrome Accent Grill
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OK so a german car, with JDM "cosmetics" WTF ! ! ! ! you need to hit up and get some authentic parts worthy of a VW. I appreciate the effort though, I mean i am being a bit hippocritical because i have Italian Rims, but they were on it when i bought the car. . . . .
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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