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Time for me to play along - sdlucky7

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Just wanted to introduce myself here. I had been over on VWVortex and I'm glad to have found this place. It's nice to have a place for Jetta owners to get away and discuss our own "special" cars. Anyway, I'm sure I will have lots of questions since I have only had my Jetta for a couple of months and am new to the VW family.

Alright, here's my baby. She's mostly stock although not as stock as when I picked her up in January. Some will say that she is "too tall" but comming from a lifted truck, like I am, she is low enough (for now)...

2004 Jetta GLS
1.8T - 25,700 miles currently
5-Speed Tiptronic Auto Trans
17" VW Long Beach Wheels
50% tint in the front , 15% in the back
ECS alluminum Sharon antenna
TT Pedal caps w/ Beetle dead pedal
Euro Headligth Switch w/ Rear Fog (front Fogs to come)
Clear Bumper Markers
42dd White LEDs inside
OEM Black grill

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def a nice whip???? what you got planned for performance upgrades....?
Hahaha... Don't know if I would call it a whip, it's my daily driver... But yes, at some point in the future (mainly after the warrantee is expires in 2 years) I want to get it chipped and put some kind of turbo-back exhaust on it. Nothing too loud or lawnmower-like. I'd like performance and class...

Probably before the warrantee expires I'll throw on a boot gauge and upgrade the DV (probably a Forge 007). But who knows, I'm still new to the game...

REALLY liking the car right now. Welcome to the site.
Thanks so much, all I had to do was drive it and I was in love...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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