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Timing belt Change.

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Getting ready to change the timing belt on a 2001 Jetta 2.0 SOHC. Anything I should know. Is there any step by step forums. I am mechanically inclined and I am sure I can do with out, but just want to review it to hopefully save some time. Any special tools I will need? Looking at it, it seems I will have to remove the front motor mount.
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Any new updates for changing a 2001 2.0L timing belt? Just bought my son one with 144k miles on it and I've been doing some maintenance. I've changed the timing belts in the girls 88 Honda accord, and a neices Plymouth Breeze.
might wanna change the water pump wile your at it too
wow....thread resurrection for sure.

and there is no "might" about the water pump. just change it. its SOP when doing a timing belt in my opinion.
was just tryin to make a suggestion, nothing to bossy though, but I agree its a must
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