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turbo charger

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hey all, so i changed my air filter the other day and noticed some oil in the intake hose. so i pulled it off and there was a little puddle of oil where the hose clamps onto the intake flange on the turbo. i stuck my fingers in there and i can spin the turbine freely and it has no play in any direction. so im stumped as to why oil could be comming out of it when theres no play and no way of it to leak into the compressor housing unless the seal inbetween is shot. ill post some pics when i get further into it but anyone know what might be going on? its the kkk k24 turbo charger.
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It's normal to get oil in the intake from turbo motors. If you have an aftercooler on the car and remove the hoses there will be a fairly sizeable amount in the bottom there too.
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