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Whats up, I just got a 1992 VW Jetta GLI, 16" O.Z. Fittipaldi Alloy Rims. Mostly stock, but the rims. Has a straight 4Cyl. 2.0L 16 Valve, just had major tune up done, includes struts, starter, plug wires, plugs, alternator, tires, air filter ect.

I plan on an AEM or K&N cold air intake, stage 2 clutch, eurosport catback exhaust (or something along those lines), disc brakes all around (on front now), paint white on white. with black trim, possibly a turbo if i can find a cheaper one, and more.

Any suggestions welcome!!!! Here to have some good convo's and learn a little bit.........
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welcome to the site! At least you got the good 2.0 motor. Looking forward to new pics.

definetly... At the moment i don't have a camera and it needs to be cleaned up.... the kid i bought it from didn't take very well care of it.... Rims are dirty, engine is greased up ect...... barely any rust, putting a lot of work into it, spent all day today actually....... but anyways, glad to be here!
if you plan on a turbo look into kinetic motorsports, they have the cheapest kit and it is pretty easy to install if you are new to turbos. Also i would look into bbm they make a really good supercharger too

Yes im new to turbo's..... but been through the rest with my old car..... probably will be a little bit before i start with the BIG mods such as turbo's/superchargers because of finacial problems..... but i am definetly going to look into it.... just getting insurance today and thats a pain, 814.00 for 6 months..... haha it's bullshit
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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