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Upgrading basic radio to factory premium touch screen

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I have a 2010 Jetta sedan with a basic radio, I want to change it with the factory touch screen radio. I found some online but don't know which one to chose from that would best fit my Jetta.

Here are two options:

Which one would my Jetta best be fit for??

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I'd go with newegg one since the other is shipped from china. The price difference isn't significant. They're pretty much the same I believe. Newegg is US based so if anything is wrong you can easily get a hold of a seller.

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you may want to keep an eye on the classifieds here and vortex for a OEM unit.
Did you replace the radio yet if so what all did you need ?? I also have the basic radio in my 2010 Jetta Sedan and would like to replace it.
Im looking at doing the same with my 2010, i would like to keep my car all vw but i am considering a pioneer with dvd and navi in it.
I ran into the same problem with my 2010 wolfie my 6 disc rcd-510 quit read the cd's but i did find out that if i go with a aftermarket you lose the factory bluetooth setup which i have in my mkv and i like the factory setup :)
But i do like the new egg one looks close to factory as can be
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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