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Instead of 100 different threads I'm going to put all of my posts here to save time and space.

I've got a 99 jetta 2.0 AEG with 91k miles. Manual Tranny.
Here's the issue. I recently jumped into a valve seal job on my car and had some trouble getting the timing back. Finally got it, started up and P0341 Camshaft Position sensor code came up but ran good. I figured I was off a tooth so I realigned my marks. While I was realigning i found a metal "clip" in the cam shutter wheel just laying there and took it out. Realigned and started up fine but threw the same code. Looking through my bentley and cruising ECStuning I found a pic of my cam position sensor. With the EXACT same clip on it. Pic attached. My bentley shows the sensor at the bottom behind the shutter wheel. My question is, Is there a way of getting the metal piece back on the senor without taking the shutter wheel back off, it was a b!tch last time? Do you think the sensor is shot with the piece falling out or is it possible I could put it back in and all will be well and the code will clear and stay cleared?

I've been through the search but came up with no matches . Thanks!!
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sorry man i cant he,p you but if it runs fine and everything just drive 'er into the ground, shes a 2.0 = bulletproof haha
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