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Hi there,

I have VW Jetta 1999 automatic with 100K on it. The check engine light started going blinking last night and my car completely lost its power when I press the gas pedal. The most I can get it 20 mph. The exhaust feels like burning and the engine itself is shaking when turned on and working.
I got OBD2 car reader and got the following 5 error codes message:

1. P0300 Code - Cylinder Misfire
2. P0301 Code - Cylinder #1 Misfire
3. P0302 Code - Cylinder #2 Misfire
4. P0303 Code - Cylinder #3 Misfire
5. P0131 Code - O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

It all happened suddenly while driving yesterday.

What does it mean?
Any idea?



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I know is sounds odd but I had the same deal on another vw I had and it turned out to be some really bad gas something about it I dont know but I got the rest of the gas out but some 91 in her and it was fixed... thought I would add that out and I hope its as simple of a fix for you.

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mine did the same, took it in and the coil pack #2 was bad... pretty common have you replaced any previously? at about 80K it's suggested that they are changed...

What was the recall? On Vortex a guy had one catch on fire - yikes.
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