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Warning Light

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I have a 2000 Jetta TDI and I got a warning light that I've never seen before. Its two parenthesis with a circle in betwwn them. Nothing is inside of the circle.

Now I have seen other lights where there is something inside the circle ie. exclamation point or and "X" thingy, but not this one.

Can anyone help?
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That would be your front brake pad wear indicator light. I said the same thing the first time I saw mine. It means that your brake pads inthe front have worn down enough to activate the sensor in the pad. Time to change them! It will reset when the new one is plugged in. It should be in your owners manual mine is in section 3.1 indicator #15 but my manual is a different year.
that's good to know. My MK4 doesn't have indicators, but the Rabbit does.
Another Warning Light

My 2006 Jetta TDI has a warning light on the dash that indicated that the hood is open (opened the hood and closed it to see if the sensor would reset - it didn't), and also the windshield wipers have just started to stop operating (mid-wipe) when you bring the car to a stop. If I turn the wipers off and back on after starting to move the car forward or backwards, they work find. Any one have this same problems? Thanks
I've just recently purchased a new to me 06 TDI. It has a warning light that comes on when I first start the motor and it has me puzzled as it doesn't appear in the owner's manual. It is red and almost looks like an open ended wrench, sort of like this )---(

It's on a 45 degree angle. When it appears, it's just before the total km's come on line. Does anyone know what this is or what it means?
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