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[w] Welcome to Jetta Junkie.

Come on in and get your feet wet. We know you're lurking out there. Don't be afraid. Joining is easy and we'd love to have you as a friend. So get off your butt and join. Then stop by here and tell us about yourself.

By the way, I'm Ken Nix, aka Fast Freddie. I own and administrate,, and I've been around the block for about 20 years in the auto industry.

My first VW site was, Alex Bugosky of Crispin, Porter + Bugosky (GTI fast, unpimp your ride, and Burger King commercials) mentioned it in an article in Business Week and the rest was history. Though it ddn't hurt that many dealers linked to directly from their dealer sites.

I have a real love for Volkswagens and I hope you share my sentiments. So come no and join us. You'll be glad you did.

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