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Hi everyone, my name is Nick, i live in washington. and yes it rains alot here. anyways on to the good stuff, i have owned 7 vw's in the past 3 years. 2 jetta coupes, 2 4-door jettas, 2 rabbits, and 1 gti. all the cars were Mk2 except the rabbits of course. i currently own a 1988 jetta coupe, and a 1991 gti (this is my non-street legal race car)

i am a true vw addict and have the tattoo to prove it. im very knowlegable when it comes to vw's and big-rig diesels (im a diesel and heavy equipment mechanic by trade.)

hope to get to know some of you guys and possible help you with some problems you may have with your car.
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