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“The waiting game” is the least exciting way to pass the time, but if you’re looking to get a good deal on a new car, then you’re going to have to be patient.

Many people don’t realize that carefully choosing when to buy your car can save you quite a bit of money. Well timed car purchases could save you thousands of dollars, if you play it just right. Here are a few tips to help you net that car you want – all while saving some precious money.

The Numbers Games
Dealerships and automakers award successful sales staff with money or perks for moving a certain number of vehicles during a given time period.

Steve Emery a consultant from the National Automobile Dealers Association explains that incentives can come from the automaker or within the dealership. Those issued by the automaker, are usually annually or quarterly, although monthly sales goals aren’t uncommon either. Then each dealership has their own incentive program for their sales managers and sales staff. “They’re like contests and can take place over a month,” he says. “The incentives for the sales staff works in a stepped manner- if you sell 10 cars you get a $500 dollar bonus all the way up to, let’s say 15 cars gets you $1,000.”

Emery advises buyers to visit dealerships at the end of the month in order to gauge how hungry the dealership is to make a deal. If the salesperson is desperate to hit their target that month or quarter they may offer a few discounts, or forgo the usual lengthy process and headache when it comes to buying a new car.
So when should you buy a new car? Read all about it at

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I think there is a demand for different cars at different times of the year. I mean obviously convertibles and coupes don't quite sell in the thick of winter, and there are other more practical choices for the weather at that point. You should also be researching financing rates at the holidays because companies just love to give "specials" during the merriment!

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Model year end is the best time to buy a NEW car, or any left overs from
the previous year if nothing has changed between the two years. End of
model years tend to have more options. VW is notorious for adding trim
and options to their cars as the end of year approaches. If you buy a
2013 jetta to March, you don't get the plastic trunk arm trim or monster mats,
but if you buy it in July, you get it...

Weather also makes a difference. You'll get an AWD or 4x4 at better prices in the summer, then you would fall and winter.

Region also! If you want a 4x4, and happen to be going to Texas, then you'd get a better deal... 4x4 vehicles fetch better pricing in the snow belt..
Same with a motorcycle, you can score a HUGE deal off season...

Convertibles won't sell great in the winter, will in summer, or always warm climate areas. They'll sell higher in Florida, then in Pennsylvania...
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