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go to search and type in Canada..or Canadian theres a few of us:)
Toronto... ;)
Sweet Calgary Here!!! I was just wondering why there were no posts in this forum thats all
you bet we are here. Manitoba!
ontario is here representing.

jetta gt mk3...

blacked out...

Lil ol' PEI here :)
Land of potatoes, red dirt, and sarcastic "flat land no hills" jokes.
I'm from nothern Alberta, Grande Prairie, and I have to agree that it is too expensive to live up here. Not to mention the stress on my poor mk4 jetta. Too much sand on roads.
windsor ontario here :)
Representin' Toronto :)
London Ontario, here.
Ottawa, Ontario !
Interior British Colombia
new from Toronto....*cheers* to my fellow Canadians

They're long gone.
Found a few. [solved]

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Thunder Bay ON,
I bet we have the highest Jetta per capita in all of Canada hah,
It seems like everyone and their dog has one up here, but I'm thinking that is because most people live outside the city and own TDIs

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Hello Everybody,Though we were given the opportunity to test this car in less than ideal Spring time temperatures, we Canadians are still up to a worthy fuel economy challenge. To get a good idea of what to expect on public roads, we took this 2009 Jetta TDI through a variety of driving scenarios ranging from stop-and-go commuting to highway driving.
21 - 40 of 80 Posts
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