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Hello all... i have a 94 gl.. just had the timing belt and oil pump done.... runs pretty good, especially since it has 190000 miles, but since the works been the check engine light is on, and there is a loud high pitched, kind of "whirring" noise coming from near the timing belt/alternator area... it kinda sounds like its sucking air... it goes up and down with the accelerator, and at high speeds seems to almost go away... i have cleaned the MAF, and last night i cleaned out the idle air valve... what the heck is that black "canister connected to the idle air valve? it has to hoses going to it, and a "nipple" or barbed tube at the end of it? its between the engine and the firewall, kinda just hanging there..

i know this is a lot to answer, but thanks in advance for yer help....


cleveland ohio
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