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Window Problem

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Mmmkay, so I bought a used 95 GLX which has the VR6 engine, and I LOVE my car. Under the hood its been great giving me lots of power, and being mechanically sound. I have however had an untold ammount of body and electrical problems. (Partially my fault for not doing enough research. The previous owner took the car to THE most ghetto garage ever. This guy actually tried to super glue a molding strip back to the car!) Back to my point tho. I was coming out of work today, and I went to put all four windows down (A/C is broken, needs a new hose) and the rear driver side window makes a weird cracking noise, and then slams down... I try to immediatly put it back up, and it comes up about an inch then stops makes a weird cracking and hesitantly goes the rest of the way up. Can someone explain what just happened to my car, and how I can fix it??? Needless to say I won't be using THAT window until I get an answer. Plz help!!!
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obviously take the door shell off and see whats making it do that..... some cars the people had dampening mats put in and when it gets hot they melt off and slop around and stick to windowns door etc...
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