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Hey everyone new here so go easy on me..... lol
I replaced my 4 door speakers after I was done, my windows no longer roll up or down. You can hear the relay in the motor but nothings working.
I checked every fuse in the car, all good
I doubled checked to make sure I hooked up all window swiches and all are connected.
I tried rolling the driverside window up using my 14v drill battery and all you heard was the relays.
I called a couple of shops but noone has a clue.
I know there is a reset procedure but Iheard all the windows have to be up to perform it. The only window down is the driver side. I tried the procedure anyways and it didnt work.
Can someone please point me in the right direction?

sorry I should mention that its a 4dr 2002 jetta
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