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WTT:GTI grill for JETTA grill

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After seeing a few JTI's around, Ive decided I want to do the conversion too. Im looking for the pieces X'ed in the pic to trade straight up for a chrome jetta grill.

(not my car, but sick as hell)

Looking for chrome or black, doesnt really matter.
Want these parts:

So Cal preferred, as you will ship first if youre not local.

Im also on and if you need to get a hold of me.
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i would be willing to sell my grilles to you, im not happy with the holes in the grille and would like to buy a new one and paint it. let me know. call/text 469.442.5102
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does he like mine? can yo post a pic of his setup if he is interested? thanks.
i will sell the upper AND lower for $220 and depending on where you are, probably $240 shipped.
i dont really care, im going to try and replace the whole grille set. i dont want his chrome one uness it doesnt have holes punched for the lisence plate, or if he trades the whole set straight up so i can at least sell it.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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