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Thread: Seller's/Buyers guide **read before posting**

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    Exclamation Seller's/Buyers guide **read before posting**

    Seller's/Buyer's Guide

    Got some Jetta parts and pieces laying around that people might want? short on cash? Maybe you don't need that xbox anymore, or you have a coin collection someone might want? Or maybe you are looking for some used parts for cheap? This guide is made to help you be successful and safe when selling and/or buying items on JettaJunkie.NOTICE: if you have a product you mass produced, or are selling through a company, you must be a sponser. Contact kennix for more information.

    Seller's Guide:

    1. Make the title clear on what it is you are offering. If you don't, then no one will know what you are selling and wont even bother to look.

    2. POST PICTURES. Frankly, the internet is a risky place. No one is going to even consider your item if they cant see it. And that doesn't mean you should go steal a picture of the item off of a website. The picture doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure people can see what it is. multiple angles is preferable.

    3. Give a detailed description. Listing pro's AND CON'S will help you sell it. If the buyer gets the item and didnt realize there is a huge gash in the paint or something, they aren't going to be happy, and paypal will get their money back FROM YOU.

    4. Name a price. Don't just say "make me an offer" or "whatever you feel is fair". YOU are selling the product, say what you want for it. However, it is always good to be open for negotiating a price or a trade. RESEARCH what you are selling. How much is your item selling for on VW parts websites? Why would they buy your item for 100 dollars from you when they could buy it on ECStuning.com for 40 dollars less? Your item is probably used, you aren't going to make a ton of money off of it. The sooner you get that in your head, the sooner you'll sell your item and get some money in your pocket.

    5. Post how you want to be contacted. Whether its by PM, email address, text or calling, remember to say it. Don't forget what the best time to contact you is. You don't want to get a call from someone about your badgeless grill during a board meeting or during a wedding!

    6. Finally, just be friendly. No one wants to buy anything from a greedy douche. We are all VW enthusiasts just looking for a deal.

    Buyer's Guide:

    1. BE CAREFUL. The mods and admins try to keep this area clear of any scammers, but those sneaky bastards sometimes slip under the radar. Just always be weary of those scum trying to make an extra buck. Look at the number of posts they have. If they aren't selling a VW part or car, and it's their only post, ask them a couple questions. And if you don't feel comfortable, no one is forcing you to buy from them. If you notice a suspicious seller, please report the post to a mod and we will resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

    2. Be inquisitive. Ask questions. If the seller has neglected to read the above section, don't be afraid to ask for a picture, condition of the item or a price.

    3. Use PayPal. Unless you know the person, or feel comfortable enough to deal with them in person or with cash, use PayPal. Its a safe way to pay someone with your debit/credit card over the internet without getting your card number etc. stolen. If you or the seller doesn't have an account, its free and easy to make. If they refuse, go somewhere else.

    4. Be nice. No one wants to sell their product to a low-baller or a grumpy old man. 99% of sellers are just VW enthusiasts looking to share the joy of a new car part or something, and maybe need gas money or needs to make rent.

    **REMINDER: JettaJunkie isn't responsible for any problems or anything that happens if your sale/purchase goes south. Contact Paypal for a refund. And if you used cash, all I can say is "I told you so..."**

    If anyone thinks of anything else i overlooked, then tell me and I'll add it. I hope this helped!
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    martin shebag, you cant handle me
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    As per tradition we name all our hilarious ricer posters. So, ladies and gentlemen i introduce, Charles Camelglow. enjoy the destruction.

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    Default Re: Seller's/Buyers guide **read before posting**


    step one: slam it
    step two: make a sandwich

    pötHoLe crew.

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    Default Re: Seller's/Buyers guide **read before posting**

    nice, now i wish i had parts to sell for money lol.

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    Default Re: Seller's/Buyers guide **read before posting**

    why arent my threads showing up? i tried making a FS thread for an intake manifold. and after everytime i tried it doesnt show up. Am i forgetting to do something? it says it should be making it, but i dont see it.


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