Help! How do I approach this problem with my trunk? Key turns properly and pushes in ("lock part&quot but the latch won't budge. It has been stubborn in the past. Tried to take out rear seat (bottom removed but upper part of seat can only be released, I think, from the trunk. Now there seem to be alternatives - which would be the least destructive, which would have the most chance of success?: 1) drill out the lock; 2) drill a hole behind the license plate and try to engage the latch (would this work?); 3) remove the piece/table below the rear window where speakers are and try to lift up the latches of the rear seat and try to get to the latch someway; 4) Break out the rear light lens and try from there (idea of the garage). Any other suggestions? I took the car to a shop today but they seem unsure what to do. The trunk is loaded. Is it possible to reach the rear seat latches through the openings on the side of the piece/table below the rear window (I don't know what this ledge is called). Thanks for your suggestions. I hope someone can reply quickly.