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Thread: 2017 Radiator Part Issue

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    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and am looking for help finding a coolant radiator for my 2017 with the 1.4. The issue I'm having is the prices I'm coming across. The part number is 5C012125251L. Does anyone know if there is a model that uses the same radiator? I've found one on EBay that says will work but the last digit on that part # is a K. Please help me with any info or ideas or a place I can turn too to find a correct part! Thanks in advance!!


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    As long as the mounting points and coolant lines line up then yea it’ll work lol. It really has to do with different (international) markets. Same car and parts just with different “tune” basically, maybe an extra exhaust part but yeah

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    typically the different letter at the end will mean it's a more updated part. The K should be the same part just produced before the L. It may have some small change that you'd never be able to find.
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    this is nice

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    very good

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