What's up y'all! I've been driving my car since 2017 and figured I should finally stop creeping around here and introduce myself!

I have a Silk Blue Metallic 2016 Jetta 1.4 TSi, her name is JETLife (shoutout all my Curren$y fans). I originally bought it because my other car started having every known problem it possibly could (2009 BMW e92 n51 pre-LCI) and I needed a form of income, so I was using it to drive for LYFT to pay for my BMW Parts, that didn't last long, lol. I didn't like people getting in and out of, and destroying my brand new car.

I bought JETLife with a little under 5000 miles on it and she's steadily approaching 80k. She's been great to me, knock on wood. I get like 35-40/mpg, I haven't needed anything outside of regular maintenance and I pretty much stopped driving my BMW, lol.

I've upgraded the factory stereo to a Pioneer NEX 4200 which was then updated to a 4400, replaced the factory speakers with JL Audio C1's which were then upgraded to Focal Coaxial speakers up front and a component setup in the rear, running off a Pioneer Power Pack. I know it might sound weird, but the placement of the tweeter in the rear door works pretty well for my driving position and didn't change the factory look of the car, or require me to buy additional components when I was installing. I am also running a single 12" Kicker Comp in the trunk in a ported box.

I'm a sound engineer so I've always upgraded my stereo on my cars before any performance mods I've wanted to do.

In terms of the physical aesthetic, I haven't done anything outside of tinting the windows, and in terms of performance, I haven't gotten anywhere yet, however I'm attempting to begin that journey today.

Here's a list of everything I wish to eventually accomplish with my JETLife, the only restrictions are time and budget, so be patient with me! I hope that y'all are willing to provide me with help and feedback so that I can have my car running at it's best at all times!

1. Sway Bars
2. Performance Intake
3. Performace Exhaust
4. Suspension
5. Wheels/Tires

Please send your recommendations, I would love to start with new sway bars and make my way down that list, but I will consider opinions on everything!

I have searched the forums and I've been having a hard time finding out about my Jetta, it would be nice to know if there are any other names for it aside from MKVI Jetta, it would also be nice to know if there is a specific engine type and any known issues I may run into around this mileage or in the future.

Thanks in advance guys! I look forward to hearing from you and working with y'all to make sure our cars are the best looking, running and performing on the road!