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Thread: RPMs Increase After Driving For Some Time

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    I'm wondering if someone could provide assistance in helping me troubleshoot the following problem I'm having with my 2011 VW Jetta SE 2.5 (~109,000 miles):

    The RPM for the car jumps after driving the car continuously for more than 1:30 hrs. I notice this occurs when I take the car on long trips, when I'm driving on the highway after 1:30 I notice the RPM will jump from 2 to 3. When I exit the highway and break to decrease my speed, the RPM jumps to 4 then down to 2 and then goes to 3.

    When I take a 30 minute break (car turned off) and drive again the car drives fine and then the problem occurs again after ~1:30 hrs of driving. This issue doesn't occur when the car is running in an idle mode for 1:30hrs or more (other mechanics can't reproduce it when the car is idle for that same amount of time).

    The engine light nor any other light comes on when this happens, also the car doesn't jerk when this problem occurs.

    I've taken it to the mechanic and have recently gotten my transmission oil changed (problem still occurs).

    Note: I bought this car in 2011 and have taken many long trips with the car with no problem, this issue just started occurring. Also I have driven this car stuck in traffic for ~30 minutes and this problem doesn't surface. It's not until that ~1:30 hr mark that the issue appears.

    Thank you for your help!

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    The starter doesn't normally spin the engine all the way up to idle speed. It turns it to a few hundred rpm, and a bunch of fuel is dumped into the engine. This causes the initial surge in rpm to get the engine running. The engine then needs to run at a higher rpm for a short time to increase temperature up to operating temperature, after which the idle speed drops.

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