Hello, new here - Given a neglected 08 Jetta 2.5 automatic by a family friend, turned out it was sludge - replaced the head with an eBay used head, now runs great but the O P warning light comes on. I added a sender and gauge and I have (hot) 26 lbs at idle and 55 at 2000 rpm. Ideally I would like to remove the upper and lower oil pans and loosen all the crank main caps and replace them by pushing them over and replacing the lower main bearings one at a time, and also of course replacing all the big end bearings too (if the crank looks OK). The big question is how hard is it to remove the upper oil pan - it looks like there are other bolts from the bellhousing than just the flange ones, and the Haynes manual implies it isn't possible without pulling the transmission. And the manual doesn't give instructions for pulling the engine yet does instruct how to pull the transmission - and no special instructions about the upper oil pan bolts. I need a 2.5 engine authority to tell me if it can be done and how! Thanks! Bob Scates , Springfield, VA