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Thread: 2005 1.8T Bora stalled, won't start

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    Default 2005 1.8T Bora stalled, won't start

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, VW's, and just mechanics in general, and right now I'm in over my head. I really loved driving this bora, and i especially miss eating the Civic's and Integra's that are so popular around here in this peaceful-looking mk4.
    I did some searching and my issue is similar to a post that i can't link because i guess i need more posts, but the op's car stalled and they found oil in the turbo after trying to start the car to no avail. She was asking if the turbo could've blown the head gasket, to which a couple members responded that blown gaskets typically do not occur with the 18.T...so here's my problem :
    She cranks (slowly) but won't start. Died going uphill, started back up and died for good shortly after. Here's the backstory : There is a coolant leak somewhere, every week or so my gf would have to fill up the car with water to prevent it from overheating. I didn't get a chance to thoroughly check where the source of the leak was, but it seemed to be coming from the front of the engine. I suggested that she buy some stop leak until i could pinpoint the source. So she went put bought the stopleak with the pellets and put it in. A few days later,after i shut off the car, i noticed a gurgling sound coming from the coolant res. I pop the hood to find coolant spewing out from the cap. I replaced the cap and she took the car to work the next morning. According to her, while she was driving on the freeway she noticed a big loss of power and when she started up hill the car "just shut off". No shudder, jerk, or smoke. She then tried to start it but to no avail. A minute later she was able to start it again, but upon going uphill it again "shut off". This time there was smoke under the hood. She waited and tried to start it by that's the last time it ever ran. She says the temp gauge never showed it running hot, nor was the car gurgling like it had previously. When i checked the car, i found oil all over the place : under the hood, the valve cover, hoses, radiator...it seemed to have come out of the oil cap, as it was now loose but not open. The coolant was now like chocolate milk. I also found oil in my intake, turbo inlet and outlet, intercooler and air box. My spark plugs were dry and ok, and when I looked in to the cylinder from the spark plug hole i didn't see any water or oil inside. My code reader only shows one code, P0864, which i guess is tcm communication problems. I did my Google's and it seems my no start problem is related to this. Any suggestions would be a great help!

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    Hi, I have a Mk4 Golf GTI, 1.8T engine. ... Join Date: Jun 21st, 2005; Location: LEVITTOWN PA; Posts: 606; Vehicles: JAZZ ... By the way, when you car dies and you try to start up the car it will crank but won't catch . ... Has the car ever just died while you were driving? ... Chassis Type: 1J - VW Golf/Bora IV

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