I bought a 2005 German built 2.0L Jetta wagon with close to 146K on it. The car appeared to be badly neglected and a lot of work had to be done on it. Car now has a new turn signal switch, new alternator, new battery, both transmission speed sensors replaced (codes came up), new exhaust (including catalytic converter) mass air sensor, fuel pump (most recent work) and new spark plugs. Right after the fuel pump was done, the automatic transmission started sticking in low gears, keeping rpms high. The car would go back to normal after resetting using the key/gas pedal/putting it in drive method and sometimes after clearing codes. The damn check engine light is back on again, too, evap code... already replaced gas cap. Now, car turns over and won't start. At first, I though the key had become unprogrammed (oh yes, that happened, too, lost set of keys, got a new key from dealership, 2 weeks later someone found my keys so I had them program the original key, too), but the symbol for wrong key isn't lit up while trying to start the car. We did remove the air bag from the steering column to check horn before car stopped starting... and messed with the key in the door after lubricating it to see if lights would go off, maybe that triggered anti-theft function? I have a slow battery drain in my driver's door (lights stay on), so if I don't start the car every day, the battery dies. We replaced the blower resistor motor, but it was almost immediately blown again. And now I have lost the horn and radio controls on the steering wheel. Obviously, I have an electrical or computer problem that was giving me all kinds of faulty codes, cuz now the car won't start and ALL the codes are coming up. Do I have a main computer issue or bad TCU ? I love this car, but I think it's ready to be parted out.

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